Communications is more than public relations. It’s the heart of what we do. We begin with the message in mind and tailor solutions that best tell the story. Grow the business and engage the audience.We love what we do.


How can you execute a campaign if you don’t yet know what to say?From corporate communications, to social media, advertising, and advocacy, the message is at the core. SomaComm helps brands determine the message, and then execute the very best way to distribute it.

James Shackelford, APR




& Reputation

Amplifying stories and earning media coverage takes more than a press release. Research, relationships, headlines, positioning and planning are all part of effective media relations and we know how it’s done.

We believe that true public relations is the integration of communications and marketing. The way in which brands interact with their publics. Our services integrated corporate communications, creative, social and digital to achieve well-rounded and successful

Strategy, planning, and execution come together during a crisis. At the crossroads of each of these is effective and timely communication. We plan, manage, and execute crisis plans to minimize reputation risk.



& Multicultural

Shifting perceptions and changing behavior. Our public affairs and advocacy strategies are designed to position brands through public engagement and stakeholder relationships.

We understand the objectives relative to financial markets and the media and we take an integrated approach to helping brands communicate with audiences that are vital to their financial success.

Communicating to diverse audiences is in our DNA. Messaging, brand strategy, marketing and paid media all revolve around purpose. How that’s shared is critical, and we understand that.



Intranets, video, social media, corporate apps and townhalls are all tools for effective internal communications, but what engages? We understand how to best develop and deliver an internal communications strategy.

From executive media training and media appearances to internal stakeholder discussions and remarks, we understand how to position leadership teams for success, both internally and externally.


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