Public Relations & Communications


Social media delivers an unparalleled opportunity for your audience to experience and engage with your brand in new ways, and with deeper connections. Share your purpose, priorities, culture and vision. 

We help clients develop their owned/shared media into engaging platforms for their customers and consumers. 

Social tells the story–the culture, the purpose, the vision of a brand, but it also does so much more. From purchase, consumer education, research and recruiting, social plays a vital role in the story of every brand. We'll help with that.


Social Services.



Social media can be many things, and content is only the beginning. We develop the strategy that includes platforms, content, and sharing that supports brands across social, owned, earned, and paid media and fuels growth by connecting to their audiences. 

somacomm social media management

Community Management

Our social media community management incorporates content, creative, and promotions for the brands we represent. We ensure connections are made, and brands are shared with creative content and images, and a strategy that is on-brand and reaching audiences. 

somacomm crisis communications

Crisis Response

Planning options for how your brand will handle communicating during a crisis is vital. Determining how your organization will respond to various scenarios and organizing the response is what we do. We provide the counsel and strategy pre-response, and manage the communications during a crisis.



Likes, comments, messages, interactions, engagement. The analytics for social marketing are nearly limitless. We'll work to determine a key set of Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) specific for your business and the goals we're working to achieve.